Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's about time...

So, I've had this blog set up for a while, occassionally opening it to play with colors and headers (I'm not the most artistically inclined if you can't tell), and I've just never posted on it.  Not that I haven't baked at all, far from it actually, I just have this problem where once I start I can't stop baking to pick up a camera and take some pictures... but no more of that.  I've got this.  Or at least I really hope I do.  

So without further ado, welcome to Please Cupcake.  My name is Lauren, I'm a highschool senior (but only for five more days!), I'm seventeen years old (for three more days!), and I love to bake.  I'm accident prone and I'm not very detail oriented, which makes for some interesting kitchen adventures, but good or bad results aside, baking is something I love.   And I hope it stays that way. 

Let the adventure begin ...

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